Why Green? To Crystal Clear Clean Home,
it's More Than a Color.

At Crystal Clear Clean Home, we are committed to be environmentally conscientious and environmentally safe for the health of your family and your home. That is why all of our cleaning products are natural products derived from plant extracts. Our team has completed extensive research to only use solutions that are free of chemical additives.

In addition, we have become the “go-to” experts when our clients want to make certain they are taking the right steps to be environmentally correct and abiding by green statutes. It’s more than saying that you do recycling or that you are using chemically free cleaning processes.

Over the years, Steve and Jim Lesko have worked with companies to be LEED compliant, which means Leadership in Energy & Environmental Designs, as in internationally recognized green building certification systems.

With Crystal Clear Clean Home, they are taking this same dedication to make certain that every process for their residential customers follows environmental guidelines that have given them the reputation of being a green company that cares.


For more information on making every aspect of your household cleaning GREEN, call us at 877-922-0242.

Why Green? Chemically free cleaning processes.
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