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We Restore the Beauty to Your Tile and Grout.

Have you been dreaming about getting your tile and grout back to looking beautiful? Crystal Clear Clean Home can help turn it into something that will withstand our white glove test.

Kitchens, bathrooms and entryways are the highest traffic areas and often result in the most soil collecting in the tile and grout areas. Crystal Clear Clean Home gives ceramic tile and discolored grout a clean and healthy makeover. Our advanced cleaning technology powers out soils, grime and bacteria in all those hard to reach places to restore your tile to its original luster and make your home a healthier place.

Whether it’s tile in your bathroom, shower, kitchen surface or even your floor, the porous surfaces of tile and grout lines fill up with hidden soils and contaminants. We have the method to "green" clean effectively.

Crystal Clear Clean Home with its Big Green Machine utilizes a high-powered, high-heat rinsing system to safely and effectively dislodge the dirt and grime to restore your tile and grout surfaces to a shiny, clean appearance. We can even recommend sealing and grout re-coloring methods to give your tile a whole new look.

With so many homes now having tile, ceramic, marble, granite, slate, travertine and designer concrete, our experts use the Big Green Machine with its high heat to sanitize and dislodge the soils and germs. You will be delighted with the results that bring back the beauty and crystal clear clean feeling to all of your tile, grout and elegant surfaces.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Cleveland OH
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