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The Big Green Machine Can Easily Handle Your Other Loved Ones’ Accidents.

Crystal Clear Clean Home can handle most accidents that your pets have left behind. The technology of the Big Green Machine along with our environmentally-friendly cleaning products can eliminate many, and possibly all, of the odors and stains from the accidents of your four-footed friends, two-footed and even slithering friends.

Not every pet odor or stain is the same and our experts take the time to analyze the accident and determine how long it’s been there. We will offer a detailed course of action to try and eliminate odor and stains.

The Crystal Clear Clean Home Approach to Solving the Pet Accident Challenge.

Our experts will do our best to evaluate the stains or odors with the following steps:

  • Preventing Permanent Staining:  Even before we come to clean your carpets, make sure to clean pet urine spots immediately when they happen
  • Don’t use any advertised over the counter pet spot products
  • Use the following process when the accident occurs:
    1. Start by blotting the area with a white terry cloth towel or plain white paper towels until there is no moisture
    2. Mix 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water and massage (don’t rub) the solution into the spot  with a white terry cloth
    3. Flush as much of the urine out as possible by applying and dabbing with gentle massaging and blotting until dry to the touch
    4. Be sure to ask our technicians about our recommended pet spot treatment products that you can use in the future

When We Arrive, the First Question: Odor Elimination–Is it Minor or Major?

If we determine that there is a subtle or minor odor, the first application will be to apply an odor-eating enzyme treatment to the area. There are some cases where this will be effective, but it is not guaranteed. If the odor is major and more significant, the affected carpet will be pulled back to saturate the backing, pad or cushion with our cleaning solutions. If this is a situation where baseboards and walls have been stained, we will consult with you on the success of the cleaning treatment plus additional steps to consider.

Unfortunately, animal urine sometimes causes irreversible damage to carpets, upholstery and floors when not addressed at the onset. When a pet first has an accident, it is easier to remove when it is in this fresh or nearly neutral state. As the accident dries, it becomes more difficult to remove because it is now in an alkaline state. Permanent staining could result the longer you wait to address this depending on the carpet, fabric or floor composition.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee complete removal of all urine accidents, stains or spots. We will try our best to solve this challenge if you point out the accidents.

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One Year Guarantee

Crystal Clear Clean Home will issue our exclusive 1-year stain guarantee when Scotchgard™ is applied to your upholstery or carpet. We will gladly attempt to remove the stain free of charge for one year should you experience any problem removing a stain after it has been cleaned and Scotchgard™ applied.

10 Days Guarantee

Crystal Clear Clean Home also will issue 10-day warranty against any odor or stain re-appearing in the first 10 days.

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