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Did You Know That Cleaner Carpets Mean Better Breathing in Your Home?

According to, the EPA conducted a study on indoor air quality and a major aspect in their study was the effectiveness of carpet cleaning. In one phase of the study, the carpet was vacuumed nearly every day. They compared this to a professional hot water steam cleaning like the Big Green Machine. The result was the professional cleaning removed up to 1500% more pollutants than the vacuum alone.

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) recommends that you professionally clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months at a minimum. Regular vacuuming removes dry soil and dust, but periodic professional cleaning is needed to remove embedded dirt. As the number of occupants and exposure to pollutants increases, the professional carpet cleaners should be called out more frequently.

No matter how often you vacuum or spot-clean your carpets, allergens like dust mites, impeded grime and pet dander remain. Yearly cleaning removes dirt, residue and allergens while the EPA recommends professional carpet cleaning every 3 months in homes with children and pets.

Crystal Clear Clean Home’s Big Green Machine has a powerful extraction system to clean deep and shorten drying time to a couple of hours instead of a full day.

The CCCH Power Process to Clean.

Crystal Clear Clean Home is staffed by experts who engage the CCCH 15 Step Power Process to give you more clean, more power and more satisfaction.

15-Step POWER Process includes:

1  Detailed Interview of Your Cleaning Objectives
2  Walk-Through Inspection

Getting Down to Cleaning
3  Deep Down Dry Vacuuming of All Area
4  Furniture Moving
5  Pre-Spray
6  Spot Investigation and Treatment Pre-Spot

  7  Pre-Detail/Grooming
  8  Grime Elimination and Rinse
  9  Carpet Fine Edging
10  Investigation/Neutralizer
11  Spot Treatment Evaluation
12  Fiber Insurance Protection
13  Ultra Drying
14  Carpet Final Detailing/Grooming
15  Satisfaction Cleaning Inspection
Why 3M Scotchgard™ Protector?

Most all carpets are manufactured today with some type of master carpet protector.  The gold standard is 3M Scotchgard™ Carpet and Upholstery Protector, which protects carpet fibers like wax protects your car.  The application forms a slippery bond around each fiber, preventing dirt and stains from reaching into the carpet pile. Over time this protective bond wears off and needs to be reapplied.  Without Scotchgard, there is a greater likelihood for stains, soil and damage to the carpet because the fibers are not protected.

Learn MoreThe experts at Crystal Clear Clean Home recommend yearly reapplication of Scotchgard Carpet and Upholstery Protector to increase the beauty for your carpets and furniture. Our reapplication also maintains your warranty with the carpet manufacturer.

Pet Odors and Stains

The Big Green Machine Can Easily Handle Your Other Loved Ones’ Accident.

Crystal Clear Clean Home can handle most accidents that your pets have left behind. The technology of the Big Green Machine along with our environmentally-friendly cleaning products can eliminate many, and possibly all, of the odors and stains from the accidents of your four-footed friends, two-footed and even slithering friends.

Learn MoreNot every pet odor or stain is the same and our experts take the time to analyze the accident and determine how long it’s been there. We will offer a detailed course of action to try and eliminate odors and stains.

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One Year Guarantee

Crystal Clear Clean Home will issue our exclusive 1-year stain guarantee when Scotchgard™ is applied to your upholstery or carpet. We will gladly attempt to remove the stain free of charge for one year should you experience any problem removing a stain after it has been cleaned and Scotchgard™ applied.

10 Days Guarantee

Crystal Clear Clean Home also will issue 10-day warranty against any odor or stain re-appearing in the first 10 days.


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We are passionate about floors. When it’s time to get new carpeting, tile, stone or hardwood, CCCH has contacts in the industry for you to go direct and experience the great values from our long relationships with manufacturers. Call us for our contact list.

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