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1-Year Stain Guarantee with the Application of 3M Scotchgard™ Protective Finish.

Crystal Clear Clean Home will issue our exclusive 1-year stain guarantee to every carpet and upholstery cleaning project that has had Scotchgard™ Protective Finish applied to it.

Should you experience any stain that cannot be removed by using our special spotter, we will gladly attempt to remove the stain completely free of charge for an entire one-year period from the date of your Scotchgard™ application.

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10-Day Stain Warranty.

Crystal Clear Clean Home carpet cleaning services include an unconditional 10-day warranty against any stain re-appearing. Should any stain re-appear, we will gladly return and retreat the area completely free of charge within the first 10 days.


10-Day Odor Warranty.

If the recommended odor removal treatment fails to perform as described, Crystal Clear Clean Home will apply the same amount of odor removal product and retreat a second time the initially treated area(s) at no cost to you.

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For more information on our 1-Year Stain Guarantee and 10-Day Stain and Odor Warranties, please call 877-922-0242.

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