Experience a New Kind of Cleaning.

Inside the Crystal Clear Clean Home truck lurks a powerful force. We call it the most powerful cleaning machine in the world. You just might call it the Big Green Machine.

Using the latest in heat management technology, our super cleaning machine heats water to 300 degrees for a clean that blasts away dirt, grime, animal dander and allergens.

Our process takes months and even years of a dirty, stained carpet and turns it into a new again plush oasis to walk on and not worry that your children, your pets or your family members will have adverse reactions to chemicals other carpet cleaning companies have relied on for years. That is why all of our cleaning products are natural products derived from plant extracts. Our team has completed extensive research to only use solutions that are free of chemical additives.

Everything we need is fully self-contained inside our truck, too. So we never need to use your water or dump dirty water down your drains. We have separate tanks that hold it all, keeping your home as clean as possible. The only pieces of equipment that ever enter your home are the vacuum hoses and our own fresh water supply line. We also have two extra hoses that extend to 1,000 feet, so no matter what size your home is or what its design, we get every nook and cranny powerfully clean.

Open the door to the most powerful clean your home can get!
Clean Home

Crystal Clear Clean Home is certified in the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval Approved Service Provider Program.


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